Carolyn J Roberts

Carolyn J Roberts is a Fine Art graduate from Loughborough University.  Currently based in Leicestershire, she has exhibited throughout the East Midlands.

WE CARRY A SELECTION OF CAROLYN’S ORIGINAL ARTWORK IN ONE OF OUR PRINT RACKS WHICH YOU WILL FIND IN THE UPSTAIRS GALLERY.  Prices range from £45 up to the largest at £90.  Please ring us on 0794 1216894 should you wish to purchase or have a query.  Thank you.

Carolyn’s work  develops from her affinity for the landscape; from The Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and Moors, to the North Norfolk coast and beyond…

‘Growing up in rural Lincolnshire I came to love and respect the landscape in all its many guises, whatever the season. As a child, time seemed to stretch on forever, and although the countryside altered with the farming calendar, the bones of the landscape seemed infinite.  Fast forward to the present and we are aware, more than ever, of earth’s fragility. This mixed media work looks to capture this juxtaposition of permanence and vulnerability: the contour lines of the landscape contrasting with the delicacy of the tissue paper, soft ink and watercolour washes.

Impressionistic and abstract rather than representational, the work is my response to the landscapes I love and the issues it faces.’

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