‘Exploring Place’ John Pooler, Carolyn Roberts & Kate Robotham

Come along to our Opening Night on Thursday 29th June 2017, 7-9pm This exhibition features work by John Pooler, Carolyn Roberts and Kate Robotham.  All three artists are based in the East Midlands and use a variety of mediums within their paintings and have a connecting theme of place running through their work.  This exhibition will run until end of September and is open seven days a week.

John Pooler

John loves travelling  and has  recently returned from Italy having captured the beauty of Venice.   For this exhibition John found inspiration much more locally and produced large-scale water colours  of some of the beautiful churches around the East Midlands. Each of his paintings captures a specific place as they map his travels.  Often he just goes for a drive , parks up and paints what he sees. Each painting has its own story to tell.  Looking at his paintings, he remembers the moment in which he was painting them.  Within his artwork he ‘lives for the moment’ as each painting is completed in the afternoon it was started and is all the more unified for it. Consequentry the work seems almost fragmented John explains, but the continuity of their creation is evident in their perfection. The heavy and vivid watercolours are juxtaposed with light and delicate ones he uses.

Carolyn J Roberts

Growing up in rural Lincolnshire, a county of flatlands, big skies and far-reaching horizons, I developed a love of the countryside and nature, whatever the season, whatever the weather. As my own horizons spread, I became fascinated with the landscape, vast or small, thunderous or quiet; from soaring mountains to reed lined creaks, contorted trees thick with lichen…. or windswept beaches adorned with tide-washed pebbles. The form, colour and textures of these wild places provide constant inspiration; from the dark, brooding gritstone of Derbyshire…….to the sea-fret, with all its soft hues, shrouding the North Norfolk coast.

I make sketches and notes, take photographs…. but mainly, when out in the landscape I just walk or sit, watching, seeing, listening, absorbing the essence of the place. Returning to the studio, I explore all my notes, drawings and experiences, working with charcoal, inks and watercolours: mediums that are fluid and spontaneous, unpredictable even. Allowing the watercolour or ink to run and pool, to build up soft layers; the work evolves almost organically, intuitively, until it becomes a distillation of my emotional response to the landscape rather than a specific representation of the location.

I have recently become interested in the writings and books of Robert MacFarlane – in particular, his ‘dictionary’ of dialect words and terms for the landscape and its features – hence the titles of some of my work.

Kate Robotham

‘It is a mixture of seeing and feeling that make me want to respond to a landscape. Often, I am initially inspired by the formal qualities of the landscape – a combination of the shapes, colours, patterns, and compositions that I observe, but later my memories of a moment, a particular place can affect how or what I choose to paint back in the studio’.

Kate recently spent over a year living in the Alps in the South East of France painting the landscape out there. Since returning to live in the East Midlands, she has fallen in love with the English landscape again and its subtle, understated beauty. This exhibition brings together a fusion of both landscapes, united by the formal elements of colour, texture and form. Kate Robotham is an award-winning contemporary landscape painter, based in the Midlands. Since graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in Fine Art, she has travelled, lived and exhibited internationally. Her paintings encapsulate a sense of place, whilst celebrating the formal qualities of the landscape. Her works present the viewer with an “emotive, paint-directed response to the landscape”.

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