John Cheall

Available in the gallery we have a stock of John’s two award winning paintings: ‘Cadmium Event II’ Knight’s Peak, Skye and ‘Cadmium Event I’ Bruach an Frithe, Skye.


John’s paintings form a continuation from the ideas he explored in his two prize-winning pictures shown at the 2015 Nottingham Castle Open.  All are inspired by the mountain ranges of the Isle of Skye in Scotland, specifically the Black Cuillins. This is a choice based purely on the drama and visual spectacle of these rugged coastal mountains where he climbed.

John found that exaggerations of the landscape and ‘stretchings’ of the viewpoint geometry  produced a new and compelling topography. Strange forms and dramatic radial compositions emerged from the experiments, twisted mountains began to suggest a human form or animal presence, the landscapes now extending almost into the shapes of portraiture, expressive of some new emotion even.  His ‘sampling’ of a real landscape  was embellishing with studio techniques of distortion and ‘reverb’, a working process that produced images that, containing no objects within the landscape were almost abstract or ‘musical’ with the volume level high.  He then sought to enhance this further with the use of multiple light sources, suggestive of an interior seeming to locate the subject in an ambiguous time. The red glow in many of the paintings is suggestive of the volcanic origins of these mountains but also loaded with apocalyptic associations which resonate with previous ‘environmental’ works.

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