Oliver Lovley

Oliver Lovley’s limited edition prints £110 each printed on archival quality paper which have been hinge-mounted to allow the paper to expand and contract.

Oliver Lovley BA Hons, ASGFA has exhibited at The National Portrait Gallery, The Mall Galleries and at live shows such as Art in Action and Patchings Festival. He is a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art based in London. He is a professional fine artist and art teacher born in Grantham and now based in Nottingham.

“My paintings are absorbed, introspective and emotional, forming and re-forming themselves. I use a combination of observed drawing and an unconscious process of building layers of textural surfaces to function in contrast.  I have a strong interest in the depiction of my own physical reality”.

“It has been very nice to return to Grantham to explore the place properly for new paintings produced especially for this show at Blue Owl Art.”

Oliver Lovley’s website

Oliver was born in March 1980 at Grantham and District Hospital.

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