Vanessa Stone

I am a paper cutting & collage artist and I use a scalpel, scissors and layers of paper – paring down & abstracting by cutting away at the surface of paper to capture a time and a place. Nature and the places around me inspire me a great deal. I can never get enough of seeing old buildings or streets and wide open fields. Walks in the woods, day trips in the car to explore and go on an adventure –the things I see bubble up through my subconscious and into my sketchbooks or into cut paper pieces, all aided by plenty of cups of tea, cake and toast!

So jump in and look at my original collages. I love working with paper, whether it is painted or plain, it’s just the loveliest thing to cut into as you literally see something come from the surface. I use lots of plain coloured papers as well as ones I hand paint with acrylics, exploiting textures I can create to convey shadows and tones. You can see examples of the vibrant collages of  CambridgeLetchworth Garden Citythe Vale of Belvoir and beyond, the bespoke commissions I have made and the greetings cards I design. You can read more about how I came to collage and paper cutting from carpet and rug design HERE. And do you fancy learning paper cutting? Click here for more information about myworkshops for adults and the workshop calendar for 2019!

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