Vic Bearcroft

Vic Bearcroft has exhibited with us several times including a recent Solo Exhibition.   We carry a wide selection of Vic’s  animal prints;  wolves, big cats, domestic cats, birds and fantasy.

MOUNTED PRINTS ARE £40 APPROX .   You are most welcome to have a browse through the print racks.

Vic Bearcroft is an East Midlands based professional wildlife and portrait artist who spends many hours studying, sketching and photographing his subjects at close quarters mainly in conservancies in the UK and USA.

Vic told us ‘Some of these animals I know intimately after several years of working with them and I find their character shining through their eyes.   I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, as I feel that this helps to fuel my creativity, and enables me to create different moods to compliment the subject, or to tell a story by setting the animal in a more natural environment. I find that my influences come from varied sources; art, music and literature. As a teenager, it was David Shepherd whose paintings not only sparked my interest in wildlife art, but also his conservation work led me to realize that art and conservation go hand in hand’.

Raising funds for wildlife conservation and animal welfare in general is now an integral part of Vic’s work. He has naturally progressed from telling a story in his paintings and drawings to literally story telling. Vic has recently published his first illustrated book of short stories; modern fairy tales with an environmental message.  Protecting the environment and encouraging others, especially younger generations to do likewise means as much to him as wildlife conservation and animal welfare.

Winning best in show at his first ever wildlife art exhibition, Vic has gone on to win further awards for his work, including the prestigious ‘Endangered Species’ category in the 2012 BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. Vic also has his own range of pastels and velour paper created by the SAA, and a highly popular DVD series, ‘Wildlife in Pastels’.

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